If a file cannot be uploaded (other collaborators see an old version of it or the file is not visible in the Web App), check if:

  • SecuriSync is in syncing state - that indicates the file is still synchronizing. Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync┬«: File/Folder Is Not Syncing for more information.
  • is the file currently open in any application? If it is, close all such applications.
    Example: collaborators update the file. Conflicted copy should be created, but other application is preventing that. Once the app is closed, conflicted copy will be created and server version of the file will be downloaded. Then the user can merge their changes with the downloaded server version, and it will be uploaded to the cloud.
  • Win app only: check if My SecuriSync folder is located on the local drive. Windows can be configured to store user's profile on the network drive or network share. SecuriSync does not detect file updates in this case, and this configuration is not supported