If SecuriSync Mac client keeps crashing, this may indicate a certificate issue. To determine if this is the case, perform the following steps:

  1. Open KeyChain Access > System
  2. If the GeoTrust Global CA certificate is present there, delete it.
  3. Once the certificate is deleted or if it was never there, check Local Items or System Roots directories and copy the certificate to the System directory
  4. Expand Trust sections and change the When using this certificate option to Always Trust:
    Always Trust
  5. The certificate will have a + icon:
    Valid certificate

Note: on a brand new machine, the certificate may need to be added from the browser. Navigate to Web App and click on the lock icon in the URL field, then click Show Certificate:
Show Certificate

If the steps above don't help, collect the Diagnostic logs to determine the root cause, and contact Support.