New features for senders

Per-message encryption notifications - senders can add the MIME header tag to a message to enable/disable encryption notifications for that message

Message recall - you can add a message recall link to the message encrypted notification for Web Portal messages. The link format is:


The recall URL leads to the Message Status page.

New policy options

Per-policy subject tag - any policy can prepend text to (i.e. tag the message subject). To add a subject tag, on the Edit Policy screen, enter your text in the Tag Subject field

Clone a policy - to create an exact copy of any policy, on the Policies page, click the Clone button next to the policy that you wish to copy. A copy appears below the cloned policy. The new policy is disabled by default.
Inactive policy warning - if you try to save a policy without any match conditions enabled, you are prompted to confirm your choice

Message size condition - a new match condition, message size, is available

New profile options

Time zone override - you can set the time zone that appears in the headers of outgoing messages on a per-profile basis. To set the time zone for a profile, go to Edit Profile > Common > Settings > Time Zone, and select the time zone from the menu.

Per-profile header tag - you can add a MIME header tag to all messages under a specific profile.
To set the time zone for a profile, go to Edit Profile > Common > Templates > Header Tag, and enter the tag name and value

Web Portal Delivery with system-generated passphrase - you can enable the system-generated verification code feature at the profile level. When this feature is enabled, the portal sends a notification email with a message-specific code back to the sender. The sender must then communicate the code to the recipient

Encrypted email header - you can add a block of text or HTML to the top of any encrypted email.
To define the text, go to Edit Profile > [ any section/delivery method ] > Templates > Encryption Email Header. You can also configure this header for on the localized templates page.

Unencrypted email header and footer - you can add header and footer text to unencrypted messages, i.e. messages sent with the Deliver, or Log and Send action. To define the text, go to Edit Profile > Common > Templates and enter your text in the appropriate box

TLS options access for admins - administrators can now switch between TLS blacklist and whitelist modes, and modify the TLS domains list

Note: certificate validation is performed in the Encrypted Mail Gateway which means that if the recipient certificate doesn’t have a SAN, TLS connection cannot be established. To ensure delivery, modify policy settings:

  1. Open the policy
  2. For Encrypt, choose Custom
  3. In addition to TLS Encryption, check the Encrypted Web Portal box. This way, if TLS connection isn't established, the message will still be delivered to the Message Pickup Center.

Security enhancements

Security improvements - changes to address the Logjam exploit

Bug Fixes

  • When editing a policy, changing list type (the from column) no longer resets the search type (the if column)
  • Changes to the case-sensitivity of a word list take effect immediately