The feature is available for McAfee Email Protection Advanced Plan (and higher).

This article describes what Graymail is and how to manage  Graymail in the McAfee Control Console.

What is Graymail?

Graymail is email that you may have subscribed to in the past but no longer want to receive. Since Graymail is technically not spam, the Graymail filter is off by default.

Graymail examples:

  • Newsletters from business partners
  • Advertisements from legitimate retailers
  • Event reminders from professional organizations

How to enable Graymail filter in Email Protection Service?

To enable Graymail filter:

  1. Access McAfee Control Console (log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Protection > click Manage
  2. Go to Email Protection> Policies and select the desired inbound policy
  3. Click the Spam tab
  4. Select the desired actions in the Graymail box (tag subject with "[GRAYMAIL]", Quarantine, Deny delivery, Do nothing) > Save
     Mcafee Graymail

Additional Information

  • When Graymail filter is enabled, Graymail is considered spam. If a user wants to receive these messages, they need to add the sender to the End-User Allow List
  • Blocked/Denied Graymail is logged in Message Audit similar to spam, and is displayed as a spam conect keyword violation

Note:  If you would like to avoid receiving Graymail from a particular sender, you may unsubscribe or add sender's email address or domain to the Block Senders List in McAfee Control Console.