Under the Settings tab, you can modify the following policies:

Retention Policy

By default, no retention policy is set up and all your files and file versions remain on the file storage while the SecuriSync service is enabled.

File versions and deleted files occupy disk space together with active files. Using retention policy allows you:

  • to prevent users from purging their files from web interface
  • to manage previous versions, deleted items and folders for all users

Important:  The retention policies for file versions and the recycle bin will permanently delete files from the user account.  These files cannot be restored once they are deleted.  It is highly recommended to set the policies to 1 year or longer, in order to prevent permanent deletion of files and versions which may still be needed by users.

Retention policy

Security Policy

On this page, you can enable folder sharing with external users and turn on the Admin file Management of active user content.

Note: additional charges for this service may apply, depending on your billing plan.

Management of decommissioned user content is enabled by default and is free of charge.

Security policy

Notification Policy

This policy allows to manage SecuriSync notifications that will come to administrator via email.

Notification policy

Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync: Backup Monitoring (Admin Guide) for more information.