Your Hosted PBX account includes a free phone number for each user and each Auto Attendant. Additional phone numbers (for example, if you require multiple area codes) can be added for $3.99/mo each.

Managing phone numbers from Phone Numbers tab

Managing phone numbers from Auto Attendant tab

Managing phone numbers from Hunt Groups tab

Additional local phone numbers can be ordered from Phone Numbers tab of your Hosted PBX control panel.

If area code you require is not available, or if you would like your phone numbers to be local to a specific location, please submit an Extended Service Request called Hosted PBX: Area Code Request.

If you require a toll free number, please submit Hosted PBX: Toll Free Number Request Extended Service Request.

If you would like to continue using your existing phone number and transfer it to Intermedia, please submit Hosted PBX: Number Porting Request.

Instructions to submit Extended Service Requests can be found in How do I use the Extended Services portal Knowledge Base article.