To set up phone numbers for users, you first add phone numbers to your account, then assign them to your users. Make sure you have already enabled Cloud PBX for the users you will be assigning numbers to (read the Knowledge Base article on Adding users for more information).

This article includes the following sections:

Adding phone numbers

To add phone numbers to your account:

    1. Navigate to Services > Cloud PBX.
    2. On the Cloud PBX page, click the Phone Numbers tab.
      On the Phone Numbers tab, you will see a list of phone numbers that belong to your account.

  1. Click the Choose New Numbers button.

  2. In the Choose Phone Numbers window, enter the quantity of phone numbers you want to create, and select the area code you want the new numbers to have.
    If you need to create numbers in different area codes, click Add another area code. This adds another line where you can specify the quantity and an additional area code.

  3. Click Create. Now you will see the new numbers listed on the Phone Numbers tab.

Note that you can choose the area code to create numbers in, but you cannot choose which numbers you will get.
To remove a phone number from your account, select the checkbox next to the phone number, then click the Delete Selected button. Use caution, because you will not be able to restore deleted numbers. Read the Knowledge Base article on What happens when I delete phone numbers or remove users? for more information.
Assigning and unassigning phone numbers

To assign a phone number to a user:

  1. Navigate to Services > Cloud PBX.
  2. On the Cloud PBX page, click the Phone Numbers tab.
    On the Phone Numbers tab, you will see a list of phone numbers that belong to your account. Available numbers show the link Assign to in the Action column.
  3. Choose an available phone number and click Assign to and choose an appropriate option - User, Hunt Group, Auto Attendant. If you choose Users, this will show you a list of users who have voice services enabledIf the desired user is not in the list, you need to first enable Cloud PBX for the user.

  4. Select a user/a hunt group/an auto attendant to assign the phone number to and click Select.
  5. Enter the 911 location information for this user's phone, then click Accept and Make Changes. Make sure the address is complete and correct. This is the information that will be transmitted to emergency services if someone dials 911 from this phone. Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I change e911 information?
  6. You should now see the user's name in the Assigned To column for the phone number.

The phone number is added to the user's contact card in the address book as Business Phone 2. If there was already a number for that field, the existing number will be copied to the Notes section of the contact card.
To unassign a phone number, select the number on the Phone Numbers tab and click Unassign. This makes the phone number available to assign to another user. However, the user it was assigned to will not be able to use the PBX service until you assign a phone number.


To assign additional phone numbers to a user:

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Services > Manage Users > Cloud PBX tab > Display name of a user.
  2. Click Assign phone number:

  3. Click Choose new number, select Area Code and fill in E911 Info form.

  4. The numbers will appear one under another. Use Edit phone & 911 location to change a phone number and the red cross to Unassign:

Note: You cannot assign or unassign numbers for multiple users at once; you must work with phone numbers one at a time.


Changing the Caller ID number

Caller ID is the number that is displayed on the phone screen for call recipients, to show them where a call is coming from. By default, the user's phone number is displayed as the Caller ID for calls from that user's phone. You can also select a number belonging to another user, a Hunt Group or an Auto Attendant to be used as a Caller ID, or make it Anonymous.

To switch the Caller ID number:

  1. Navigate to Services > Manage Users.
  2. On the Cloud PBX tab, click the dispay name of a user.
  3. Click the link for the Outbound Caller ID setting.
  4. In Outbound Caller ID, select which number to use (Users or Hunt Groups or Auto Attendants).
  5. Click Save Changes.