Account Contact The owner of the account or an individual that has been granted administrative rights to the Intermedia account. Account contacts are verified by answering their special security questions correctly when calling Intermedia support.
AppID Intermedia’s single sign on service that allows users to be able to long into applications easily and securely. AppID also has two factor authentication for additional security and works on mobile devices (iOS and Android).
Case An electronic ticket associated to a particular issue. All information about an issue is kept in the same case in chronological order. Each case is assigned a case number.
Case Status The current state in which a case is in.
Cloud Server A server hosted by Intermedia that allows your administrator to have full control of the server. The servers are provisioned based on your preferences and are upgradeable. Intermedia hosts the server, but the account administrator manages the server contents.
Company Contact An external email address that can be added to the Global Address List on the account.
Compliant Archiving Archiving that complies with the legal regulatory requirements for the proper handling of email.
Control Panel Administrative dashboard that allows account administrators to modify services associated with their account.
Electronic Case Cases that are created via email or through the Control Panel.
Email Archiving Services that allow you to back up and archive mailboxes. There are two types of archiving services Intermedia offers, compliant and message mirror. Administrators can also use a third party archiving service and Intermedia will integrate with them.
Email Compliance Services that allow administrators to encrypt, archive, and filter messages based on content. Our email compliance services include Policy-based Email Encryption, User-based Email Encryption and Email Archiving.
Exchange A mail protocol that includes enterprise level features like sharing and syncing contacts, calendar, folders, and syncing with Outlook and other mail clients.
Feedback Information about a customer’s experience, concerns, or suggestions.
Knowledge Base (KB) An article database that contains helpful and how to guides.
Master Service Agreement (MSA) Terms and agreement signed by all customers.
Message Mirror A service (not offered on all plans) that backs up all messages sent and received for an Exchange users. A user who has certain access permissions can always access the archive mailbox to view or delete messages from the archive.
Notifications Alerts sent to administrators about their account services. Alerts can be sent through email, SMS, be a message when calling support, and posted in the Control Panel.
Office Apps Office 365 purchased through Intermedia. The service includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, works with mobile devices, and Office online.
Outlook Backup A service that allows administrators to backup and import .pst files to a mailboxes from the Control Panel.
Onboarding The process of migrating data from a previous provider to Intermedia and the process of setting up your services for initial use.
Onboarding Team Also known as Cloud Concierge Team. This team will assist with migrating your data to Intermedia from another provider.
Policy Based Email Encryption A service allows customers to set up filters based on the content of a message, if the message meets the set criteria it will be encrypted. Once policy based encryption is enabled, all messages sent from Intermedia mailboxes to external recipients are processed according to configured policies and encrypted if required.
POP/IMAP Mailboxes Email protocols that include basic features like two-way sync of mail folders.
Reason For Outage (RFO) A full incident report written after Service Impacting Events (SIE).
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) A summary of an issue from start to resolution.
User-based Email Encryption
A service that allows you to encrypt or digitally sign outgoing messages. In order to use User-based Email Encryption, you will need to activate the User-based Email Encryption service and then install Secure Mail software on the machine you want to send encrypted messages from.
SecuriSync A cloud file sync and share service that allows you to easily sync files between multiple computers, mobile devices, and share with your work colleagues and colleagues outside your company.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) A service agreement that outlines service response goals.
Service Impacting Events (SIE) A detectable or discernable event that may cause limited service interruptions or deviations in the use of one or more of our products.
SharePoint A service that allows you to create a website and share information, like calendars and documents, with your colleagues (internal and external). Many customers use this to work on projects with their colleagues.
Skype for Business Previously known as Lync. An instant messaging application that allows you to chat with others, file transfer, share screens, and make audio and video calls. There are two types of Skype licenses and features vary based on license type. 
UserPilot A service that syncs your local Active Directory with Intermedia’s Active Directory.
Voice Services VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone solution offering the ability to configure and manage the way calls route to your business without the necessity of having an on premise PBX.