This article outlines Intermedia support account contact verification process.

Account Contact is the owner of the account or an individual that has been granted administrative rights to the Intermedia account. Intermedia’s support team can only assist customers who are listed as an account contact and can answer their designated security questions correctly.

Description of the Process

  1. A customer calls Intermedia Support. Customer provides support with account information (account ID, account name or other information that can help identify the account)
  2. The customer’s name must match the name on the account contact list. If caller's name doesn't match the name on account contact list Support agent would need to speak with account contact listed.
  3. The support agent asks the account contact the security question that is listed on the account details page at that time. If first questions can not be answered, others questions can be asked.
    If the customer answers the question correctly, the customer is considered verified and full support is granted.
  4. If the customer cannot answer the security questions, they can log into HostPilotĀ® Control Panel to view or change their security questions.
    Edit Profile > Security Questions
  5. If customer is unable to access HostPilot due to password issues support agent will assist with recovering access. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Recover Or Reset The Password For HostPilot? for more information. 
  6. If customer has no security questions and it is not possible to set them on the call support agent can send the verification email to the email address listed for account contact. In the body of the email must be the request permission to acess the account. The reply must be sent from the same email address listed for account contact 

Note: using generic account contacts names like HelpDesk or Support is against the security policy and we strongly recommend to create personalized Account Contacts.