If your Account Admin has enabled Full Access permissions to the Outlook Backup, you would be able to create Backups for your Exchange mailbox and restore assigned Backups.

Create Backup for your Exchange mailbox

  1. Log in to My Services > select Outlook Backup:
  2. Select Backup mailbox> choose the Backup options:
    create backup

    Outlook Backup schedules:

    • Monthly:would create backup schedule on monthly basis
    •  Weekly: would create backup schedule on weekly basis
    • One-time: would create backup of selected data in selected date frame

           Note: you can create Full backup of all mailbox data or select the following items: Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Sent Items, Tasks, Notes and Deleted Items.

Restore your Exchange mailbox

You can restore your Exchange mailbox with the .pst Backup that was assigned by Account Admin or with the Backup that you have created. Restore the mailbox by going to My Services > Outlook Backup > select Backup file > Restore:
Restore Mailbox

PST file status

  • Uploading: PST file is being uploaded and is not available for managing.
  • Queued: Backup or restore operation was requested for this PST file and it was put in the queue.
  • Backing Up: Backup creation for a mailbox is in the process.
  • Restoring: PST file is being restored to a mailbox.
  • Unassigned: PST file is not associated with a mailbox.
  • Available: PST file was successfully uploaded or created using the backup operation and is ready to be managed.
  • Failed: Backup or restore operation with the PST file failed.