This article describes managing Office 365 products purchased from Intermedia. Availability depends on your billing plan.

To add a user account

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your admin credentials.
    Sign In
  2. Navigate to admin center.
    Admin Center
  3. Navigate to Users > Active Users > Click Add a user icon.
    Add a User
  4. On Set up the basics page enter user details. Specify First name and Last name, and add Display name and Username. User name is in email address format, and it is used as login for sign in. Then, click Next.
    Set up the basics
    • password is auto-generated for the user by default. If you want to create a different password, uncheck Automatically create a password and then type a password that meets the requirements listed to the right from the password field
    • the initial password is always temporary, the user needs to change it within 90 days. If you want the user to change the password when they first sign in, mark Require this user to change their password when they first sign in checkbox
    • option Send password in email upon completion allows to send the generated password to designated recipients (up to five, separated by semi-colons), which can be added to the field below the option. If this option is not checked, then you will be provided with the password at the end of the user's creation wizard.
  5. On Assign product licenses, select the license type for this user from the ones you have available, and click Next.
    Note: if you would like to create a user without a license, choose Create user without product license.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Manage Office 365 Licenses for more information about available license types.
    Assign product licenses
  6. On the Optional settings page, you can assign roles and specify additional information for the user.
    Optional Settings
    By default, the user has User access to the portal (no admin access). To assign administrative roles, check Admin center access radio button, and check the required roles.
    Note: There are different types of administrative roles in Office 365 - please check this Microsoft article for full list of roles and their permissions.
    Admin Center Access
    Under Profile info, you can add additional information, such as phone numbers, address, job title, etc.
    Profile Info
  7. Click Next to proceed.
  8. On Review and finish page, you can review all the previous data and information for the user. To change specific settings, click Edit to change the required settings. Click Finish adding to create a user.
    Review and finish
  9. Confirmation message will appear with the Username, Display name, Password, and License type. Also, the email address to which the password has been sent will appear, if the option was chosen previously.
    Note: you can save the settings (licenses, roles, domain, password settings) as a template when creating users in the future. Enter the template's name and description, and click Save as template button below the confirmation message.
    Confirmation message
  10. Click Close to leave the user's creation wizard.