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Your Office 365 account comes with default domain where company is your account name. You can use email addresses like for Office Apps and Exchange services. You can also add you own domain like and setup users like This article describes the process of adding your own domain name to Office 365.

To add your own domain to Office 365:

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your admin credentials.
    Control Panel O365
  2. Navigate to admin center.
    Admin center
  3. Click Domains > Add Domain.
    Add Domain
  4. Click Let's get started > on the next screen enter your domain > Click Next. 
    Add new domain
  5. To verify that you own the domain you need to setup a TXT record listed on the page. Click Step-by-step instructions for adding a TXT record link to get instructions for your DNS hosting provider. Click Okay, I've added the record once you have set up the record:
    Add Domain
  6. When validation of TXT record happens correctly you should see We've verified that you own Click Next. If you have any existing Office 365 users you will be prompted to update user names to use the new domain you are adding. Check the boxes next to users whose IDs (user names) you want to update > click Update selected users.
    Update users
  7. If you selected any users to be updated you will see the table with list of users that were updated. Click Next. On the next screen you are prompted to add new users. You can click skip this step to proceed to next step.
  8. On the next screen click Next to display the DNS records that you need to setup for your domain in order to start using Office 365 for email. You need to create MX record, 2 CNAME records and a TXT record. Use Step-by-step instructions links to see instructions for adding DNS records for your DNS hosting provider. Click Okay, I've added the record once you have set up the records.
    DNS records
  9. Once the records are verified you will see the confirmation window saying You're all set up. Now you can setup users with your domain name. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Add Users On Office 365 for more information