In Intermedia environment passwords for Exchange mailboxes can be reset by:

Read the Knowledge Base article on End Users Password Requirements to learn about acceptable passwords. 

Exchange Account Administrators:

Navigate to Services > Mailboxes. There are two options to reset the password:

  • click Action > Reset Password
    Reset Password With Action Dropdown
  • click Display Name of the user > User Info > Reset password
    Reset Password On User Settings Page

Password can be either entered manually or generated automatically. A password meter pop-up checks if the password meets complexity requirements and determines if the password can be considered strong.

Reset Password On User Settings Page

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Exchange users can reset password in:

My Services

Log in to My Services and click on Change password (next to the user profile picture)

Change Password In My Services

Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is My Services? How Does It Work? for more information.

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Note: only Exchange 2013 users can reset password in OWA. 

  1. Log in to OWA and navigate to Settings > Change password.
    Change Password In OWA
  2. Enter current password and specify new password twice > hit Save.
    Change Password In OWA

Important: user cannot change their password in the following cases:

  • Account administrator restricted password change and reset for the user or all users in the company. Contact administrator to reset your password.
  • User is linked with on-premises Active Directory. Password needs to be changed in your AD.

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