This article provides an overview of the SmartOffice number.



Your SmartOffice gives you the capability to help your callers reach the people or information they require quickly and easily, 24 hours per day. SmartOffice greets your callers with a set of options that correspond to keys on the telephone keypad. Based on the options you present to your callers, SmartOffice can route calls to specific people, groups of people in order or at the same time, provide outgoing information and much more. Your SmartOffice number can even become your fax number. 

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up your new SmartOffice to meet your specific business needs.

As you use this tutorial to learn about the various features of your SmartOffice and how to configure them, you will need to develop an idea of how you want the system to answer your calls and which options you want to provide to callers. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your SmartOffice:

  • How will your SmartOffice route calls?
  • Which people within your company do you want to be reachable through this SmartOffice?
  • What outgoing information do you want to provide to callers?
  • Do you want callers to be able to Dial by Name or Dial by Extension to reach employees?
  • Will you want different options played to callers after hours?
  • Will it be necessary to create a Weekly Schedule that automatically activates different Menus based on time of day and day of week?


In order to setup and manage your SmartOffice, you must login. Once logged in, you will be able to setup and modify your SmartOffice, listen to voicemail, view faxes, and manage other aspects of your service such as changing your PIN, and viewing your billing and call history. Additionally, you may access several features of your SmartOffice such as voicemail and faxes through any touch tone phone.

You can login to your SmartOffice through web interface: navigate to this page and login with your SmartOffice number and PIN.

Alternatively, you can login through phone interface:

  1. Dial your SmartOffice number.
  2. Enter your PIN over the initial ring or the greeting (either the temporary, system-generated greeting or a greeting you have previously recorded).
  3. Once you have entered your PIN, you are in command mode where you may listen to voicemail, access faxes and record greetings.


Your SmartOffice can direct your callers to any phone number, outgoing message, additional Menu, or group of phone numbers.


You set up a Menu of choices, and the caller selects the appropriate choice, for example:



Your SmartOffice has the capability to provide your callers with outgoing information (Bulletins). You create and record these Bulletins, which are then played to callers in association with specific Menu choices that voice the recordings. 


Hunt Group

Hunt Groups are ideal for delivering calls to a group of phone numbers either at the same time, or in a specific order.


In an Ordered Hunt Group, a caller is placed on hold with music while the system rings the phone numbers that are in a list one at a time, in a specified order. The first person to answer a ringing phone is connected with the caller.


A simultaneous Hunt Group places the caller on hold with music and rings all the phones in a specified list of numbers at the same time. The first person to answer any of the phones is connected with the caller.


Dial by Extension

Dial by Extension is ideal for helping callers reach specific people within your company, providing the callers know the Extension of the person they wish to reach.

  1. Specify a 3-digit number for the Virtual Extension. Valid options are 100-899, excluding 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, and 811.
  2. Choose the destination: you can send calls for this extension to either a phone number, or to the SmartOffice voicemail.
  3. Provide a first and last name for this extension ( these fields are used for Dial By Name).


Dial by Name

Dial by Name is ideal for helping callers reach specific people within your company, providing the caller knows the last name of the person they wish to reach.

Weekly Schedule

The Weekly Schedule allows you to automatically activate specific Menus at predetermined times and days. You may want to present one Menu during business hours, and a different one after hours and on weekends. The Weekly Schedule will automatically activate the Menus you specify at the time and day of the week given for each Menu.


Recording Greetings

Once you have configured your SmartOffice, you must record greetings for the various Menus and Bulletins you have setup as well as record names for the various extensions (if you intend to use Dial by Name). The following instructions provide you with the steps to record your greetings via the phone and the Web. If you need help with what to say in your greetings, click the Script button associated with each Menu or Bulletin.

You can find the instructions on how to record a greeting at Menus Tab > Menus > Script.



Script contains not only the instructions but also the information about the options which your greeting should contain.

To record a greeting via the phone:

  1. Dial your SmartOffice phone number.
  2. Enter your PIN over the initial ring or the greeting 
  3. Touch 8 for User Options.
  4. Touch 1 to record Greetings.
  5. Touch 1 to record a Menu Greeting or Touch 2 to record a Bulletin Greeting.
  6. Enter the Menu or Bulletin number.
  7. Follow the instructions to record the greeting.
  8. Repeat these steps for each greeting you wish to record.

To upload Menu or Bulletin greetings from your computer:

  1. Record a Menu or Bulletin greeting using the microphone on your computer. The optimal format is 16-bit, 11,025 Hz, Mono.
  2. Save the file as a .wav or .au file.
  3. Go to the Menu or Bulletin you wish to upload this greeting for.

        4. Repeat these steps for each Menu or Bulletin.


  • The file name must not contain spaces
  • For the best results on 8-bit mono, the file must be saved with a Hz setting of 22,000
  • For the best results on 16-bit mono, the file must be saved with a Hz setting of 11,000 or 8,000

Setting Up Notifications

To save you time and increase your efficiency, your SmartOffice has the ability to notify you of new voicemail and faxes. Notification is available via pager, email, or digital cell phone.

Once logged into the SmatNumber, click the Personal Info tab > Notification > Enter the email address you want notifications sent to > Choose the format of the notification > Use the test button to send a test notification.


Your SmartOffice has a capability of receiving faxes. If you would like to disable this feature please contact Customer Support.