Intermedia’s SIP Trunking and Hosted Phone Systems offer a variety of Business Continuity options to protect your business against unforeseen outages and ensure uninterrupted business communications.


Hosted Automated Attendant to Front-end an Existing Phone System

Intermedia’s Hosted (Cloud-based) Automated Attendant which is hosted in Intermedia’s redundant geographically diverse data centers can be used as your main phone number and will transparently pass calls to your phone system 24/7. In the event of an outage or disaster the Intermedia Auto Attendant can be instantly enabled to greet callers with an emergency menu of options and direct calls to cell phones, home phones or alternate office locations. After the outage, it can go back to its passive state until needed again.

Automatic Failover to Mobile Phones

Intermedia’s SIP Trunking and Hosted Phone System offer automatic failover to cell phones (or any 10-digit phone number) on a call by call basis. If the Intermedia network cannot deliver a call to the desired endpoint (such as a SIP Phone or IP PBX) for any reason, it will automatically send the call to the predetermined failover phone number. You may change the failover numbers at any time through Intermedia’s Admin Portal.

Automatic Failover to a Hosted Voicemail Box

Intermedia’s SIP Trunking and Hosted Phone System offer automatic failover. Failover can be to any 10-digit phone number or an Intermedia Hosted Voicemail Box. In the event the phone system is down, calls can be automatically directed to a voicemail box that can provide an outbound greeting, take a message and send the message as a WAV file to multiple email addresses. Employees can then access voicemail from any phone or through the WAV file. Calls can be returned from mobile or alternate phones.

Hosted Phone System as a Backup

As a backup to an IP PBX, Intermedia’s Hosted Phone System can provide a seamless business continuity option. The Hosted phones can be deployed to employee’s homes or an alternate office location and in the event of an outage or disaster; the SIP Trunks will failover to the Hosted Phone System. This way, the phones can be preconfigured and ready to use in the event that employees are unable to access the office for any reason. This option is highly costeffective compared to deploying a redundant PBX in an alternate office space. Choose to failover through the Hosted Automated Attendant or through automatic failover.