Use the istructions below to log into Communicator Web Access (CWA) on a BlackBerry device.

Note: Communicator Web Access has limited functionality on mobile devices:

  • Contacts and groups cannot be added or deleted.
  • CWA user cannot invite a contact into the existing conversation. CWA user can only be invited into the conversation.

1. Navigate to BlackBerry browser and type in the URL to access Communicator Web Access.

To find the correct link navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > OCS 2007 > Click Communicator Web Access.


2. Type in the email address and password to log in.

Note: The site will not let you log in until the pop-ups are enabled. Pop-ups are disabled by default on most Blackberry devices. To enable pop-ups click BlackBerry button, when the browser is open choose Options > uncheck Block Pop-Ups box.

3. To start a conversation click next to the user's Display Name to expand the drop-down menu > Click Chat icon.
4. To send an instant message type the message text and click Enter.