You may need information from this Knowledge Base article only if you develop shopping cart yourself and you do not use ready-to-go Miva Merchant Shopping Cart System or StoreFront Microsoft Frontpage plug-in.

Intermedia supports PayPal Payflow and Authorize.NET Payment Gateways:

  • For Authorize.NET no server components are required. The communication between shopping cart on the server and a Payment Gateway is accomplished via secure HTTPS protocol.
  • PayPal Payflow (former Signio, Verisign and PaymentNet) ActiveX DLLs are installed on all servers and available under all plans.

ASP, Cold Fusion or Perl (Linux) code can be used to "talk" to the PayPal servers. The code needs to be incorporated to your web pages/scripts and be executed after your customers have submitted credit card information and confirmed purchase (submitted a form).

Code examples and additional information for PayPal Gateway you can find on PayPal PayFlow web site.

Attention: PayPal has acquired VeriSign's Payment Services, including CyberCash and the payment gateways, Payflow Link, and Payflow Pro >>>>