This article is used to provide information about the features and functionality of the Jabra Pro 9460 Wireless headset.

Headset photo


Feature table

One headset for all phones

Take every call on the same headset. Connects to your desk phone, mobile, and softphone - all at the same time. Manage multiple calls through an industry-first, user-friendly touch screen. Also comes with a SmartSetup wizard that guides you through the connection process.

Outstanding audio quality

Best-in-class noise cancellation and acoustic protection. Your calls will sound great — even in the noisiest of offices.

  • Noise Blackout: Earphones and microphone are specially designed to eliminate background noise.
  • Digital Signal Processing and HD Voice make your calls more intelligible and lifelike.
  • SafeTone technology automatically counters unexpected spikes in volume and protects your ears.

True wireless freedom

Wireless DECT technology lets you roam up to 150 meters away from your desk without dropping the call. Answer and end calls remotely while multitasking around the office.

Powering on the Headset

  1. See referenced video on providing power to the headset found here.
  2. Charge the headset for a few hours before setting up and using.

Connecting the Base to the phone via Headset Port

This type of desk phone has a dedicated headset port (usually at the back of the phone). These phones typically have a button on the front panel for switching between handset and headset.

  1. Plug the supplied telephone cable into the port marked with a blue telephone on the base.
  2. Connect the telephone cable to the headset port on the desk phone.

RJ-9 connection

Connecting the Base to the phone via USB Cable

See referenced video on powering Headset found here.

Note: If Skype for Business and Bria applications are simultaneously running on your PC, you will have to choose the application that will be using your headset. Testing found that there are issues with both Applications competing to use the headset as their input device, thus creating issues with headset use. Exit one application or the other when using this headset for a softphone client.

Initial Setup

  1. Choose Language: (English/Español/Francais).
  2. Thank you for choosing a Jabra Product > press  > (Next).
  3. Connect to a desk phone? > press Yes.
  4. Do you prefer a guided or Manual Desk phone setup? > press Manual.
  5. Select Adapter > press None.
  6. Locate clear dial-tone switch on base > press > (Next).
  7. Set clear dial-tone switch > press > (Next).
  8. Set microphone level (Select 1-13 based on preference) > after press > (Next).
  9. Please close the lid > press > (Next).
  10. Congratulations, desk phone setup complete > press > (Next).
  11. Connect to softphone (PC)? > press Yes/No based on preference.
  12. Would you like to set personal preferences? > press Yes/No based on preference.
  13. Settings can be changed by touching the tool icon > press > (Next).
  14. Jabra PC Suite enables you to configure your headset and keep your headset updates. Jabra PC Suite can be installed from the CD > Press > (Next).
  15. Do you want to have an introduction to the headset controls? (Recommended) > Press Yes/No based on preference.
  16. Congratulations, setup complete. The base will restart to apply settings > Press X (Finish).

How to Configure the Base Via Touchscreen (After initial configuration)

Settings Button (Wrench - located Top Right).


Base Settings:

  • Enable Recording
    • (Default disabled)
  • Screen Brightness
    • (Default 5) (-/+)
  • Screen Dimmer timeout
    • (Default 60 seconds) (-/+)
  • Touchscreen click sounds
    • (Default Medium) (-/+)
  • Language
    • (Default English) (English/Espanol/Francais)
  • Wireless Range
    • (Default Normal) (Very Low/Low/Normal)

Headset Settings:

  • Headset Intro
    • Please note during headset introduction you are unable to make or receive calls. The base will restart after headset introduction.
    • Confirm?
  • IntelliTone
    • (Default PeakStop) (0-4 Hours/4-8 hours/8+ hours/TT4 Australia)
  • Voice Announcements
    • (Default English Voice) (Off - tones only)
  • Enable Mute reminder tone
    • (Default Enabled)
  • Enable touch volume control
    • (Default Enabled)
  • Enable Touch Mute control
    • (Default Enabled)

Phone Settings:

  • Desk Phone
    • Base Ringtone Volume
    • Set base-speaker volume for des phone ringtones
    • (Off Default) (-/+)
  • Connect SoftPhone (PC)
    • (Confirm?)
  • Setup Wizard
    • (Confirm?)
  • Reset Configuration
    • (Confirm?)

Unpair Headset:

  • Once selected, the current headset will be unpaired from the base
  • To pair a headset to a base, simply place the unpaired headset on the base to re-sync.

Headset Volume Control:

Mute: Double-tap the headset touch panel.

Increase speaker volume: Slide finger up the touch panel (away from the mouth).

Decrease speaker volume: Slide finger down the touch panel (toward the mouth).



  • Power-cycle the base
  • Ensure all cables are connected properly
  • Check the settings on the base if they are configured correctly for your phone type
  • Any further issues can be found at Jabra support's site for information.

More information:

  • Any further issues can be found at Jabra support found here.