This article describes the steps of McAfee to Email Protection to Advanced Email Security migration.

With the migration wizard, you will be able to:

  • Migrate company-wide allow/deny senders list from McAfee to Advanced Email Security
  • Update the MX records for the domain
  • Uninstall McAfee module
  • Install Advanced Email Security module
  • Migrate McAfee Email Protection settings to Advanced Email Security

The migration wizard consists of two steps:

  1. Migrate settings
  2. Finish migration

To start the migration go to: HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Protection > Migrate to Advanced Email Security:
migrate to AES

Migrate settings

The first step of the migration depends on the McAfee Email Protection plan you are migrating from.

Migration from McAfee Basic Email Protection plan

On this step company allow/deny lists, if there are any, will be migrated.
Note: in total, only 1200 entries for allow/deny lists can be migrated.

This step is optional. If you do not use allow/deny lists, this step in the migration wizard will be automatically skipped.

migrate black/whitelists

Note: the majority of McAfee Basic Email Protection accounts have been migrated to the current Advanced Email Security version. If your account has not been migrated yet, it will be migrated to an upgraded version later.

Migration from McAfee Advanced and McAfee DLP + EC plan

On this step the following settings will be migrated:

  • Policy names and priorities
  • Spam filtering options including User Quarantine
  • Company-wide black and white lists
  • Individual user black and white lists
  • ClickProtect white lists (for links in emails)
  • Dangerous attachments settings (actions to take and classification filters)
  • Outbound content group settings (applies to the McAfee DLP + EC plan only)

The following McAfee settings will NOT be migrated.

• Policy membership will not be fully migrated. Each user will be placed into the corresponding Advanced Email Security policy that has the highest McAfee priority. Users may need to be manually assigned to different policies after migration if required.

settings to be migrated

For more information on which settings will be migrated, read the Knowledge Base article on Which McAfee Settings Can Be Migrated To Email Security?

Important: when Migration Wizard is being enabled, a snapshot of your McAfee policy settings is made. Any changes to the policies that are made after the snapshot is taken will NOT be migrated to Advanced Email Security.

Finish migration

To complete the migration you would need to contact your DNS hosting provider in order to change the MX records for all domains on your account:


To find your MX records configuration, click on What to do with this domain? hyperlink next to your domain name and the correct MX values will show up.

The following syntax is used for MX records:

Exchange 2010/2013:

Host Type Priority Mail Server MX 10* MX 20*

Exch500 domain:

Host Type Priority Mail Server MX 5

Exch580 domain:

Host Type Priority Mail Server MX 5 MX 10 MX 15

Exch015-018 domains:

Host Type Priority Mail Server MX 10*

Exch020 domain:

Host Type Priority Mail Server MX 10

*where XXX (or XX) is your Exchange domain. Yon can look it up on the Home > Exchange Servers and Settings page of the HostPilot. Lower priority value should be set depending on the coast or site.

Refer to the Knowledge Base article What Is An MX Record? What Is The Correct Syntax For MX Records? What Is Priority? for more information.

MX records for the domains that are hosted with Intermedia will be updated automatically.

Once the updated MX records are propagated, you will see the check mark in front of the domain. Once all of the domains are updated, you can complete the wizard by clicking Finish.


  • Some time after the migration to Advanced Email Security, McAfee Quarantine Reports will still be delivered to the users. 
  • All historical messages containing links that been received and scanned by McAfee ClickProtect will still be functional after migration. They will be checked for threats when clicking on them before November 8, 2017. After November 8, 2017, the links will still work but when clicking on them, a pop-up window will show up informing that the links are not checked for threats any longer.
  • Outbound mailflow for the McAfee DLP + EC plan will be updated on the backend automatically.