This article describes ways to upload data to SecuriSync cloud.

If you have more than 1 TB of data, it is recommended to migrate data via Hard Drive Shipping. This method is also recommended for migration from Linux based file servers. The process is described in Knowledge Base Article SecuriSync Onboarding: Drive Shipping.  

Files may be uploaded from different sources:

  • Windows File Server
  • Linux File Server
  • SharePoint
  • Sync & Share cloud services (One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and others)
  • Local or network drive

Windows File Server, SharePoint

To migrate and then sync data from Windows File Server use File Server Sync application designed especially for this reason. The same application may be installed on PC in order to migrate files from SharePoint. Read the Knowledge Base Article on How Do I Migrate Or Backup File Server Data With File Server Sync? for more information.

Sync & Share cloud services, Local or network drive

To migrate data from Dropbox, OneDrive and another share and backup solutions, as well as data from local drive, use drag and drop method, described in the Knowledge Base Article on How Do I Upload Files to SecuriSync Cloud Via Desktop Application?