This article describes a process of backing up McAfee Email Protection settings. 

You can download the following lists from McAfee Control Console for future use:

  1. Company-wide allowed and blocked senders list;
  2. ClickProtect allow list;
  3. Enforced TLS list;
  4. Enforced SPF list;
  5. Enforced DKIM list;
  6. Individual users' allowed and blocked senders lists.

All lists will be saved as CSV files.

1. Company-wide allowed and blocked senders list.

To download company-wide allowed and blocked senders lists navigate to Email Protection > Policies > highlight Default Inbound > Edit > Allow/Deny> Download: 

Important: at this time Advanced Email Security does not support IP black/white listing. Make sure that the IP addresses are removed from the downloaded file before uploading it to the Advanced Email Security migration wizard.

2. ClickProtect Allow list.

If you are using McAfee ClickProtect feature you can download the list of allowed sites. In order to do it, switch to ClickProtect > Allow List > Download:

3. Enforced TLS list.

If you would like to save the list of domain names you enforce TLS connection with, navigate to Email Authentication > Enforced TLS > Download:

4. Enforced SPF list.

The list of domain names you have set up Enforced SPF validation with can be downloaded at Email Authentication > Enforced SPF > Download:

5. Enforced DKIM list.

To download the list of domain names with Enforced DKIM navigate to Email Protection > Policies > Default Inbound > Email Authentication > Enforced DKIM > Download:

6. Individual users' allowed and blocked senders lists.

To download particular user's Allowed and Blocked senders lists navigate to Account Management > Users > select the user from the list > Edit:

A new window with user's settings will open. Navigate to Email Protection > Allowed senders / Blocked senders > Download: