Note: This article only applies to SecuriSync Windows client users.

By default, you can synchronize only three folders in SecuriSync:

  • My SecuriSync
  • Documents
  • Desktop

If you want to sync and backup your personal Pictures/Music/Videos folders without moving them under one of the folders listed above, use folder redirection feature:

  1. Create empty folder under My SecuriSync with the name as a desired personal folder is named (e.x. Music)

    creating folder 
  2. In Windows File Explorer right-click desired personal folder to sync and select Properties >  Location > Move

    Moving location
  3. Select My SecuriSync folder > choose folder created at Step 1 > click Select Folder > click OK

    choosing folder
  4. Click Yes at next pop-up window (recommended).

Now, each item that is saved to your personal folder on PC will sync in My SecuriSync folder.

Important: If you delete redirected folder from My SecuriSync folder it will automatically delete assigned personal folder from your PC.

In order to delete unnecessary personal folder from synchronization without losing files you will need to browse into My SecuriSync folder > right-click Folder that should be deleted > Properties > Location > Restore Default > OK > Yes > Yes.