NOTE:   CallScape Application is available ONLY for Hosted PBX 1.0 (Voice Services 1.0) users. It will NOT be available for Hosted PBX 2.0 users  (Voice Services 2.0)

In case if you are not sure what type of Voice Services you have with Intermedia: login to your Control Panel as an administrator> Navigate to Services> In case if you will see Hosted PBX and all your users  under this section - you have 1.0 account. In case if under Services you will see Voice Services - you have 2.0 account and CallScape application for Android is not available for you.

CallScape is an application designed by Intermedia for your Android and iOS device that allows you to:

  • Place and receive calls.
  • Set up Find Me Follow Me Forwarding and forward calls to one or to several numbers in order or simultaneously.
  • Warm/blind transfer the calls.
  • Establish Conference calls.


Supported OS 4.1+ OS versions
Max Number of Active Calls 4
Max Number of callers to participate in a conference 3
  1. Install the application 
  2. Login with your My Services credentials 


Under the Contacts tab you can:

History Tab:

Wheel sign in the upper-right corner opens My Account Tab, which allows you to:

You have the following options during the active call:

To manage voicemail using CallScape: