1. Download VMware vCenter Converter Standalone from VMware website.
    Note: You will have to login with your VMware account credentials (register for free if you do not have one).

    Perform a local installation on a server that you want migrated to Intermedia Business Cloud
  2. Login as local Administrator and double-click the VMwareconverter-5.x.x-<xxxxx>.exe file, where <xxxxx> is the number of the build and select language for the install process.
  3. Accept License Agreement.
  4. Select the location to install the Converter.
  5. Select Local installation.
  6. Complete the setup.

    Prepare machine for conversion
  7. The following Windows services must be running on the source server for Converter to work properly: Workstation, Server, TCP/IP Netbios Helper and Volume Shadow Copy (Windows XP/2003, can be set to manual, but not disabled).
  8. Make sure the VMware Converter Windows services are running.
  9. Ensure you have at least 200 MB free on your source server's C drive.
  10. Disable any antivirus software running on the source server.
  11. Shutdown applications that are running on the source server; only leave standard MS Services running.
  12. Run chkdsk and defragment your source server's hard disks.
  13. Clean-up any temporary and unnecessary files on the source server. The less data that needs to be copied the better. However, don't delete files if you have any doubts.
  14. Keep users off the source server while cloning.
  15. Connect external USB drive. Make sure it’s empty and big enough to hold the image of the converting server.

    Convert a machine
  16. Launch Converter Client.
  17. Click on Convert machine.
  18. You will be convering local, powered-on machine.
  19. Destination type is VMware Workstation 8.0.x.

  20. Review summary.
  21. Click Finish and start the conversion. Check the Status and Estimated end time.
  22. Wait for conversion to be completed. You will see 2 files on your external drive. Ship the drive to Intermedia when done.