This article describes managing Office 365 products purchased from Intermedia. Availability depends on your billing plan.

When you log into HostPilot® Control Panel the first time, a Get Started Wizard will show up to make you familiar with the panel. Once the process is completed, you will be asked to install Office 365.

Read our Knowledge Base article Getting Started With HostPilot® Control Panel for more information.

Note: In order to install Office 365 on the account, an account contact must be granted with a Technical Administrator role for Office 365.

Set up a new Office 365 account
I already have an Office 365 account
How to manage existing licences

Set up a new Office 365 account

To set up a new Office 365 account:

  1. Select the radio button Setup a new Office 365 account
  2. Select a type of license from the drop-down list.
    Only one type of license can be selected on this page. In case you need to purchase several types of licenses, it can be done after 'Get Started' process. 
    Read our Knowledge Base article How Do I Manage Office 365 licenses in HostPilot for more information.
  3. Click Get started with Office 365 
    New account

I already have an Office 365 account

If you already have a tenant on Microsoft portal, you should link existing tenant and make Intermedia your delegated admin.

To do that, navigate to:

  1. Switch to the radio button for I already have an Office 365 account > click Connect to Office 365
    Existing account
  2. Log into Microsoft Portal > accept the Agreement
    Existing account
  3. Enter your default domain from Microsoft Portal > click on Get started with Office 365
    Existing account
  4. Confirm the charges if there are any.
    Existing account

How to manage existing licenses

  1. Once you connected your existing tenant, you will need to purchase the necessary amount of licenses in HostPilot. In order to purchase licenses, navigate to Services > Office 365 > Licenses > Add Licenses. Please read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Manage Office 365 Licenses In HostPilot® Control Panel for more information.
  2. Make sure that Serverdata Inc shows as the Cloud Server Provider inside Office 365 under Admin Portal > Billing > Subscriptions.
  3. Cancel subscription from previous provider. In order to cancel the subscription, navigate to Office 365 Portal > Admin > Billing > Subscriptions > select your licenses > More Actions > Cancel Subscription.
    Cancel subscription
  4. Available lisenses from Serverdata Inc will take over automatically.

Note: Intermedia is not responsible for terminating any existing agreements with your current provider. Intermedia cannot assist with waiving Microsoft early termination fees (if applicable). All questions in regards to termination of existing Office 365 subscriptions should be directed to your current reseller.