New-User cmdlet creates a new Active Directory user.

Input parameters


Mandatory (Required (R)/

Optional (O))

1 Authentication information (all parameters)  
2 DisplayName string R

Name of the user in the   list of Control Panel (CP)

Max length is 256 symbols
3 Password SecureString R User's password

According to User Password Policy

4 UserPrincipalName string R Primary Email address (Login) Max length is 1024 symbols

Output parameters

Properties, that are not specified as input parameters, return empty and can be filled and updated later (e.g. see Set-User cmdlet).

Valid Values
Type UserInfo:
1 Address string Company information ( CI ): Address  
2 AlternativeEmail string User's alternative Email address. It is used for password recovery.  
3 Phone string

CI: User's business phone

4 City string CI: City  
5 Company string CI: Name  
6 Country string CI: Country A full name or a code according to ISO 3166 ; valid country
7 Department string CI: Department of the company, where the user works  
8 DisplayName string Name of the user in the list of Control Panel  
9 DistinguishedName string Unique name of the object in Active Directory  
10 Enabled bool Parameter which defines whether the user is enabled or not
  • True - the user is enabled. This is the default value.
  • False - the user is not enabled. 
11 Fax string CI: Fax  
12 FirstName string First name of the user    
13 GUID string Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)  
14 HomePhone string User's home phone  
15 Initials string Initials  of the user  
16 JobTitle string CI: User's job title  
17 LastLogonTimestamp dateTime Date and time of the last user's login to Exchange mailbox, My Services or SharePoint


18 LastName string Last name of the user  
19 Manager ADObjectIDInfo Manager's Active Directory identifier  
20 MemberOf ADObjectIDInfo[] List of groups where the user is a member  
21 MobilePhone string User's mobile phone. It is used for password recovery.  
22 Name string Internal name of the AD object (User)  
23 Notes string Additional information, comments  
24 Office string CI: Special attribute of the office (e.g. location)  
25 OriginatingServer string Address of the server (domain name), where  the object physically exists  
26 Pager string Contact's pager number  
27 RecipientType string Type of the mail enabled item
  • Unknown

  • User

  • ExchangeMailbox

  • OwaMailbox

  • PopImapMailbox

28 State string CI: Name of the state  
29 UserPrincipalName string Primary Email address (Login)  
30 WebPage string CI: Web page of contact's company  
31 Zip string CI: ZIP  

Type ADObjectIDInfo


Mandatory (R/O)

DescriptionAdditional Information 
1 DistinguishedName string R* Unique name of the object in Active Directory *ADObjectIDInfo must contain at least one  of these properties or both of them
GUID string R* Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)
3 OriginatingServer string O Address of the server (domain name), where the object physically exists  

Example of using New-User cmdlet

New-User -DisplayName "Bob" -UserPrincipalName "" -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString -String "$abc123" -AsPlainText -Force)