The VMWare Console plugin allows you to connect to the Cloudserver’s console. This is a special Remote Session and can be considered as a direct connection to the server.

Important: the plugin works only in the 32-bit ESR version of Firefox 52.0.

The download link can be found on the Services > Cloud Servers page under Console:

Download plugin

Once the plugin is installed, to start using it:

  1. Click Show details under the server name
  2. Click Open console. The remote session will be opened in a new tab
    Open console
    Note: you might get an Error: VMRC plugin not installed pop-up. This is a known issue and can be ignored. Click the X button to close the pop-up:
    VMRC error
  3. Once the status at the bottom of the remote session window shows Connected, click the keyboard icon in the top menu to send the ctrl+alt+delete command:
    Keyboard icon

Note: the VMWare Plugin may work slowly. If FireFox is showing Connected, allow some time to ensure that the stream is not showing up. If after a minute you still do not see a stream image, try the following steps:

  • run your web-browser as Administrator
  • ensure you have the latest Flash Player and Java updates installed: