This article describes the ways to copy or take away your account data from the Hosted Exchange environment.


Export all account objects

You can submit the Extended Service request 'Export a List of All Account Items into an .xls File' and we will export all account items from Active Directory into an .XLS file. This file will include User Names, Exchange mailboxes list, Resource mailboxes list, their LegacyDNs and X500 addresses, POP/IMAP mailboxes list, Distribution lists, and Company contacts. Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I use the Extended Services portal? for more information.

Copy mailbox data

Depending on your needs you may use:

  • The settings to connect to our servers for Exchange or IMAP data pull tools. You can find them in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Get Started Here! > Advanced Settings.
  • Outlook Backup to create PST files and download them to your local machines. Read the Knowledge Base article on Overview Of Outlook Backup.
  • Outlook profile: export your mailbox data locally using Outlook profile. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Export Data In Outlook.

Backup your SharePoint site

You can submit the Extended Service request Backup SharePoint Site and we will provide you with a backup of your SharePoint site content which can be restored to your new site.
Note: The data is stored in a DAT file that cannot be browsed like any other archive, as it is a special format used to backup a database where SharePoint stores its data.


Export the mailboxes data

You can create an Outlook profile for any mailbox using the settings in HostPilot > Mail Server > Mail Server Settings and export all data in to a PST file. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Export Data In Outlook for more information.

You can also use these settings to connect to our servers for IMAP data pull tools.

Download your Web-site

You can use the FTP server to download your web-site.

Download Mysql

How do I backup/restore my MySQL databases?

Download Mssql

How do I backup/restore my MSSQL databases?

Note: If you have FrontPage extensions use FrontPage to download the data.


Submit an Extended services request to get a backup of your SP site.