New-DistributionGroup cmdlet is used to create  a new distribution group (list).

This cmdlet supports risk-mitigation parameters.

Input parameters




Mandatory (R/O)


1 Authentication information(all parameters)  




Name of the distribution group in the Control Panel

Max length is 256 symbols




Primary Email address of the distribution group (list)


Output parameters

When the new distribution group is created, the object with the properties, described below returns. The properties with values are :

  • DisplayName
  • DistinguishedName
  • EmailAddress
  • EmailAddresses
  • GUID
  • HideFromAddressBook
  • OriginatingServer

The other properties return empty and can be filled and updated later (e.g. see Set-DistributionGroup cmdlet).

PropertyTypeDescriptionValid Values
1 DisplayName string Name of the distribution group in Control Panel  
2 DistinguishedName string Unique name of the object in Active Directory  
3 EmailAddress string Primary Email address of the distribution group  
4 EmailAddresses string[]

List of Email addresses of the distribution group

5 GUID string Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)  
6 HideFromAddressBook bool This property specifies whether this distribution group is visible in the address book
  • True - the distribution group is not visible in the address book.

  • False - the distribution group is visible in the address book. This is the default value.

7 ManagedBy string Distribution group's manager (Mailbox, POP/IMAP mailbox, Distribution List)  
8 Notes string Additional information, comments  
9 OrganizationalUnit string 

Unit inside of the account. These units are used for separating access rights to different user's groups.

10 OriginatingServer string Address of the server (domain name), where the object physically exists  

Example of using New-DistributionGroup cmdlet

New-DistributionGroup -DisplayName "My Group" -EmailAddress ""