Important: to guarantee service security, we are enforcing high-grade encryption level for sending emails via POP/IMAP mailboxes. SSLv2 and SSLv3 are no longer supported. Verify that your mail clients/mobile devices are using the latest software version, and that officially supported version of Operating System is being used.

To configure Outlook 2011 for Mac to connect to a POP/IMAP mailbox:

1. Open Outlook and navigate to Tools > Accounts.

2. In the Accounts window click on E-mail OR click the plus sign (+) in the lower left-hand corner and choose E-mail.

In the new window, fill in the following fields, then click Add Account.
E-mail address: enter your primary email address (UPN) for your Exchange mailbox.
Password: type your mailbox password.
User name: enter your primary email address.
Type: select POP or IMAP.
Incoming server: you can find this information in the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Mailboxes > POP/IMAP Section > View Instructions button.
Outgoing server: you can find this information in the HostPilot > Services > Mailboxes > POP/IMAP Section > View Instructions button.

if the port 25 is blocked at your network, you may use the alternative ports 465 or 587 for Outgoing server settings.

3. Under Outgoing Server click More Options > choose Use Incoming Server Info in the Authentification field.

If you have an Exchange mailbox, read the Knowledge Base article on Outlook 2011 for Mac setup instructions for more information.