Get-PublicFolder cmdlet gets information on the public folder.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Valid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)  


(aliases: GUID, DistinguishedName, DisplayName, EmailAddress)

string O A property, that is used for managing the public folder

Value of one of these parameters can be used as Identity:

1 GUID Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)
2 DistinguishedName Unique name of the object in Active Directory
3 DisplayName Name of the public folder in the list of Control Panel
4 EmailAddress Primary Email address of the public folder
3 PropertiesToLoad string[] O

Parameter, which specifies the properties (except required), that need to be loaded.

Note: Large number of specified properties reduces load performance.

4 ResultSize int O This parameter specifies the maximum number of results to return  

Output parameters


Examples of using Get-PublicFolder cmdlet

Getting the public folder by EmailAddress:

Get-PublicFolder -Identity

Displaying top 10 public folders:

Get-PublicFolder -ResultSize 10

Getting information, in particular specified properties, on the Public folder:

Get-PublicFolder -Identity -PropertiesToLoad DisplayName,EmailAddress