The settings for syncing your device to the Exchange mailbox via ActiveSync are available in My Services.

  • The ActiveSync service should be enabled for your mailbox by the administrator. If the service is not enabled, you will see the button Request under ActiveSync. It allows you to request the service. It will be provisioned for you once the administrator approves it.
    1. Click Request:
    2. When you confirm the action you will see that the request status is Pending:
  • When the service is enabled for your mailbox, you will only see ActiveSync button. Click on it to find the settings to connect your device to your Exchange mailbox.
    Next to settings there is a list of Knowledge Base articles where you can find illustrated instructions and troubleshooting steps for your type of device.
    • Wipe option will reset selected device to factory settings.
    • Delete (recycle bin icon) option will remove the device from the list.