Important: Following cmdlet will be discontinued at some point in near future. Please be advised to use the new cmdlet Grant-RecipientPermission.

Grant-ExchangeMailboxPermission cmdlet grants the access permission to the recipient (mailbox or distribution group) for the Exchange mailbox.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Valid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)  
2 AccessRights MailboxAccessRights R The level of access rights of the recipients (Exchange mailboxes or distribution lists) on the mailbox
  • FullAccess
  • SendAs


(aliases: GUID, DistinguishedName)

ADObjectIDParameter R A property that is used for managing the Exchange mailbox 

Value of one of these parameters can be used as Identity:

1 GUID Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)
2 DistinguishedName Unique name of the object in Active Directory


(alias: Recipients)

ADObjectIDParameter[] R

Identity of the recipients (Exchange mailboxes or distribution lists), which get access rights on this mailbox

Value of one of these parameters can be used as recipient's identity:

  • GUID
  • DistinguishedName

Output parameters

No parameters

Example of using Grant-ExchangeMailboxPermission cmdlet

Grant-ExchangeMailboxPermission -Identity "D5B784A7-F8A9-432A-924F-CD96552C04BD" -Recipient "CN=test@accountname,OU=accountname,OU=Hosting,DC=exchXXX,DC=domain,DC=local" -AccessRights FullAccess