Intermedia hosts your DNS records when the Name Servers for your domain name point to Intermedia's servers. In this case, you can manage the DNS records in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

Intermedia divides all DNS records into two different types:

  • System records are the records that were automatically created for you during account creation. We do not allow you to modify system records.
  • Custom records are the records that you created. You have full control over these records.

You can find both system and custom records in HostPilot under Services > Domains.

  1. Click the domain name you want to manage:
  2. On the first tab, DNS records, you can view the records for this domain.
    • Click Show System Records to view the preconfigured records:
    • You can edit or add Custom records:


  • You can view the records even if you do not host your DNS records with Intermedia. Click Display DNS Records: