You can use PC Backup to back up files to your Network drive. Both Desktop and Server licenses can be used for this process.
Note: You can also back up files from a Network drive using the Server license. Please read the Knowledge Base article on How To Backup Files From A Network Drive Using PC Backup for more information.

  1. First, enable the PC Backup service for a user in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > PC Backup. Download and install the client using the information provided in the "Getting Started" email.
  2. Start PC Backup, navigate to Settings and click Options tab.
  3. Under Options, go to Local Backup tab and select Enable local backup.
    Important Note: If the option Enable local backup is grayed out, use the link Change settings that are currently unavailable in the bottom-right corner of this page to edit the options.
  4. Expand the Drive field and selecta Drive that is already mounted or click Add Network Share:

  5. Mount (or connect to) the Network drive using your credentials:
  6. Now you can back up files to your Network drive.