The article describes the process of setting up a policy that restricts users from sending messages to specific domains located outside your organization using Policy-based Encryption. To learn more about account-wide Policy-based Encryption, read the Knowledge Base article Getting started with Policy-based Encryption.

To restrict users from sending messages to specific domains you need to set up an email policy using Encrypted mail gateway.

  1. Log in to Encrypted mail gateway (HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Compliance > Email Encryption > Encrypted Mail Gateway).
  2. Select Recipients & Sender Groups in Policies column.
  3. Click Add an Email List to create the list of the users which you want to restrict delivery for.
  4. Specify the list name, description, add each email address on a separate line and click Save.
    Note: Recipient & Sender Groups accept only full email addresses. Domains alone will not work.
    Add an Email List
  5. Select Policies > Keywords & Dictionaries
  6. Click Add a Keyword / Dictionary List to create a list of domains users are not allowed to send to and click Save.
    Add a keyword
  7. Select Email Policies and click Add a Policy
  8. Set the following conditions:
    If Sender contains Any from Recipients & Sender Groups list Sending Outside Prohibited
    If Recipients contacts Any from Keywords & Dictionaries list Restricted Domains
    Set Return to Sender to generate bounceback message and click Save.
    Add policy
  9. After you enable the policy users will receive the following message when trying to send to the recipients at restricted domains:

    Delivery Notification