This article describes the process of updating the Polycom hardware.

Overview: Polycom devices running firmware version 3 and lower must connect to a server to update. Version 4 and later of the firmware can update from the device’s configuration web page. To see which version of the firmware your device is using, press Menu > Status (2) > Platform (1) > Phone (1) > scroll down to view bootblock and updater versions.

Polycom has a webpage and publicly accessible server for upgrading or downgrading the software of Polycom IP phones with stock Polycom software and configuration files.

Important: Updating device Firmware should only be applied to Anyphone BYOP and not our Enhanced BYOP. This is due to possibly updating to an unsupported firmware.

To Provision Your Polycom VoIP Phone:

  1. From the phone's local menu interface, press Menu > Settings > Advanced (default password: 456) > Administration Settings > Network Configuration > Server Menu.
  2. Set Server Type to HTTP.
  3. From the phone's local menu interface, press Menu > Settings > Administration Settings > Network Configuration > Provisioning Server > DHCP Menu.
  4. Set Boot Server to Static, and Boot Server Type to IP Address.
  5. Input Server Address as or
    1. Example for Polycom SoundPoint IP phones: to load the latest UC Software 4.0.14 put or
    2. Example for Polycom VVX phones: to load the latest UC Software  5.8.0put or
  6. Exit menu and save configuration once prompted.
  7. The device will be rebooted. Allow it time to update. Do not unplug the phone during updates.
  8. Once the update is completed you will need to reconfigure your device with your user information and device ID and password.

If a Polycom Phone Is Bootlooping:

1. Reboot the phone. While the phone is coming up and showing Start application, press Cancel to interrupt, press Cancel soft key.
2. While the phone is showing Welcome, X seconds until auto reboot, press Setup soft key.
3. Enter the admin's password (the phone current admin password or 456 if the phone has been factory-reset) and press OK.
4. Scroll down to choose Ethernet -> LAN Port Mode -> press Edit -> press Headset button several times to choose either 10FD or 100FD, press OK -> press Exit several times until the phone reboots.

To see which firmwares are supported for your specific phone model visit:

Release Matrix For SoundPoint IP and SoundStation IP Phones
Release Matrix For VVX Phones

For more information and a list of available firmwares see: