This article is only for your information. LDAP configuration is not supported in Intermedia environment. If you have issues with the configuration below, contact your phone vendor.

Cisco phones allow integration with active directory for address book lookups. This is useful if you are using UserPilot or have the user info fields filled out in the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel. To configure follow the steps below.

Log into the Cisco web configuration page for the phone. Read the Knowledge Base article on Configuring a Linksys IP phone or Cisco SPA model (former Linksys) for Hosted PBX for information on how to login.  

  1. Click on Admin login. You don't need a password.
  2. Click the Phone tab and scroll down to LDAP Corporate Directory Search.

  3. LDAP Dir Enable: Yes
  4. Corp Dir Name: Can be anything, display name on the phone.
  5. Server:
  6. Search Base: OU=ExchangeAccountName,OU=Hosting,DC=exchXXX,DC=serverpod,DC=net
  7. Client DN: CN=user@ExchangeAccountName,OU=ExchangeAccountName,OU=Hosting,DC=exchXXX,DC=serverpod,DC=net
  8. Username:
  9. Password: Password for the user account
  10. Auth Type: Simple
  11. Last Name Filter: sn:(sn=$VALUE*)
  12. First Name Filter: givenname:(givenname=$VALUE*)
  13. LDAP Display Attributes: a=displayName,n=Name,t=p;a=telephoneNumber,n=Office Extension,t=p;a=homePhone,n=Office Phone,t=p;a=mobile,n=Mobile Phone,t=p;a=physicalDeliveryOfficeName,n=Location,t=p;a=title,n=Title,t=p

Note: You will need to use a new or an existing user on your account to authenticate to the server for the LDAP query.

To find out the correct Search Base setting for your account:
Exchange 2007:
Navigate to HostPilot > Get Started > Set Up Manually > Step 2. Download & Set Up Your Email Client > Entourage Setup instructions.
Exchange 2010:
Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016:

Note: Make sure you replace ExchangeAccountName with your actual account username and replace XXX with the Exchange Domain number. To find the correct Account Name and Exchange Domain, navigate to HostPilot > Get Started > Account Details and Advanced Settings for Exchange.