You can connect a BlackBerry® device to your Exchange mailbox via wireless Enterprise Activation using My Services. 

  1. Log in to My Services.
  2. If Blackberry Enterprise Activation service is not enabled for your mailbox you will see Request button. Click it to request the service and confirm it.
  3. The status of request is Pending until your administrator approves it for your mailbox.

  4. Click BlackBerry, then find the Activation Password which you will use to activate your BlackBerry.
  5. Here you can also do the following:
    • Check the status of your device after it is activated. Initializing means that the device is waiting for activation; Running means that the device is activated and functioning properly.
    • Note Activation Password. You can Reset Password if the intial one expires:
    • Resend Service Books. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Does The 'Resend Service Books' Button Do? for the information.
    • Remote Wipe: It wipes all data on the device.
    • Reactivate: Use this option if you have a new or replacement BlackBerry.