Search Folders are special folders that can be created within Outlook to gather emails in them from different folders based on specified criteria. The most common criterion is to show unread mail. These folders can be added to Favourites and displayed on top of all folder list.

Important: if your Outlook is in Cached Exchange Mode, it will only pull cached data, so the search results may not be complete.

Note: Outlook can display either total number of items next to a folder or number of unread items. The total number of items is displayed in square brackets, the number of unread items is displayed in bold font. To switch between views, right-click a folder in question > properties > General tab.

This article describes the instructions on how to create a custom Search Folder to show unread mail from one specific folder only and not from all mailbox folders. You may need this if you want to hide unread mail from such folders as Sync Issues. 

  1. Start Outlook, navigate to the tab Folder and click New Search Folder. Scroll down and select Create a custom Search Folder under Custom category. Then click Choose to customize this new folder:
  2. Enter a descriptive name for your new Search Folder. Click Criteria. Move to the tab More Choices, select the checkbox for Only items that are and make sure Unread is selected from the drop-down list. Click OK.
  3. Click Browse to select a folder. Uncheck the highest level, i.e. the mailbox name, and select a specific folder, uncheck Search subfolders if necessary and click OK:
  4. Now you can click OK in the window for customization options. Click OK here to create the folder:
  5. The new folder will appear under Search Folders in Outlook: