The reply-to address on an email indicates where responses to that email are sent. By default, the email replies go to the email address from which the email was sent. But, sending from one address and getting replies at another is possible in Outlook.
If you want to send your messages from one address but prefer to receive replies at another (at least most of the time), Outlook handles the reply-to field for you after you change one account setting.

Change reply to address for an individual email message

  1. Start Outlook and open New Email or use Reply, Reply All or Forward options for any existing email opened in a new window.
  2. Move to the Options tab on the ribbon and click Direct Replies To:

  3. In the Properties window that will open, change the email address in the field Have replies sent to:

  4. Now you will see that the button Direct Replies To is highlighted. The reply to this email will be delivered to the email address you entered in the properties.

Change default reply to address for all email messages sent from a specific account

Important: you can change reply-to address only if your mailbox is connected via POP/IMAP protocol. This functionality is not available for the mailboxes connected as Exchange.

Use our guide for POP/IMAP configuration instructions. For the information about differences between connection protocols read the Knowledge Base article on What Are The Differences Between MAPI, POP And IMAP When Connecting To Exchange Mailboxes?

  1. In Outlook 2010/2016/2019 go to File > Info > Account settings.

  2. Select your email address and click Change.

  3. In the opened window choose More settings.

    More settings
  4. On the General tab you can change the Reply email address. When recipients will respond to your email messages, replies will go to the specified address.