This article explains the functionality of Two-factor authentication policy. Two-factor Authentication (2FA) - an additional layer of security, which requires Account Contacts to respond to a second authentication challenge when logging into HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

There are two types of 2FA settings that account administrator can modify:

  • Common: manage all account contacts at once
  • Individual: manage only specific account contacts

A set of 2FA settings that account contacts can modify depends on the role they are granted.

  • Account Owner: manages common and individual 2FA policies (enable/disable, reset, change phone number, change 2FA method)
  • Security Manager/Contact Manager: manages common and individual 2FA policies (enable/disable, reset, change phone number, change 2FA method)
  • Billing Manager/Technical Administrator : manages only their own 2FA settings (update phone number, change 2FA method)

Note: 2FA cannot be enabled for account contacts that manage several accounts.

Read our Knowledge Base article for more information on account contacts and contact roles.


To enable 2FA policy on for all account contacts, log into  HostPilot > Account > Security Polices > Two-Factor Authentication Policy.

You can choose default 2FA setting for newly created account contacts here. As an account administrator, you can also select a frequency range for account contacts to prove their identity when logging into HostPilot.



If you would like to enable 2FA for certain account contacts but not for all of them, log into HostPilot > Account > Account Contacts > select an account contact > Login options.


Once 2FA is enabled for an account contact, you can choose an authentication method for them. 


Note: When you enable 2FA for an account contact, you will be prompted to choose the authentication method. However, account contacts themselves can select any method to use on their first login. They can also specify a phone number to use for authentication.

In case an account contact has lost or changed their phone, you will be able to reset their password on this page.


Note: In case you are the only one account contact listed in HostPilot and has issues resetting 2FA, please contact our Customer Service Team for the assistance. They can be reached at 1-800-379-7729, option 4 for US and +44 (0)20 3384 2158, option 4 for UK.

Read our Knowledge Base article on Two-Factor Authentication methods.