This article contains what we believe to be the best practices for having an optimized mailbox when using ActiveSync.

Minimize the number of connections

Note: there is a maximum of 10 devices that can be connected to each mailbox. A list of connected devices can be found in the Outlook Web App or HostPilotĀ® Control Panel. It also includes devices that are no longer in use.

All of your mailbox data is required to sync to the mailbox servers. Reducing the amount of data the mailbox server has to synchronize with decreases latency. Limiting the number of devices will improve data integrity for your mailboxes. The fewer amount of devices connected will lower the chance of a device that is not fully synchronized to push data back to the mailbox servers. Devices that are no longer in use should have their ActiveSync profiles removed. After the profiles have been removed from the devices visit the mobile section in the Outlook Web Access portal and remove the devices attached to your account from there.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Options > Phone > Mobile devices.
  2. Highlight the device in the list and remove with the Recycle bin button.

Minimize the amount of connections

The devices that are no longer used can also be removed from the HostPilot. Navigate to Users > click on Display Name of the user > Exchange > ActiveSync and click on Recycle bin icon next to the device that is no longer used.

Removing ActiveSync device

Minimize the amount of data synced on each device

The fewer number of items that are synchronizing to the device will decrease the amount of effort it will require to keep up to date with the mailbox server. We recommend synchronizing only folders that are important and reduce the number of days to synchronize. 

  • Managing your mailbox item count will also reduce the number of items required for the device to synchronize. Read the Knowledge Base article on Outlook: Improving Performance for more information.
  • If contacts and calendar items are not needed to synchronize to the device, they can also be disabled from the synchronize process. You can turn off syncing for calendars and contacts in the settings of your account configured on the device.
  • It is possible to select folders to sync on many devices. You may consider unchecking the folders for sync that you do not use on a daily basis.
  • Some email apps (like built-in Mail app on iOS) support Sync Limit for mail data. You may set the limit to sync 1 week or month instead of all data.