Outlook Web App (OWA) 2013 has the new option called "Offline" use. It allows you to use Webmail without being connected to the server. OWA in "Offline" mode can also be used when you have no Internet connection. When you turn on "Offline" use, a local copy of your mailbox data is created. The supported browsers are Safari 5, Chrome 24, and Microsoft Edge.

How to enable Offline OWA

  1. Login to Webmail with your mailbox credentials.
  2. Click Options icon in the top-right corner and select Use mail offline:
  3. Confirm that you want your mail to be stored locally:
  4. You can add Webmail page to Favorites to easily access it. Adding Webmail to Favorites is required if you plan using it when you do not have Internet access.
  5. Webmail is now functioning offline.
  6. To turn off "Offline" use, navigate to Options and click Stop using offline:

    • You must have Internet connection, when enabling "Offline" use, for this change to sync and for your browser to build a local copy of the data on your computer.
    • You need to browse different folders for them to get cached. If have not opened a folder recently it will not get cached and its content will not be displayed in "Offline" mode. The Inbox is cached by default.
    • You need to enable "Offline" mode on each computer where you plan on using OWA offline.
    • All the changes you make, apply once you go back online. For instance, the emails you sent when offline will be sent automatically once you stop using offline mode. While OWA is offline, those "sent" emails will stay in the Outbox like drafts.

Available options in Offline mode

  • Reading and responding to messages.
  • Sending new messages.
  • Viewing and editing your calendar.
  • Responding to meeting requests.
  • Viewing and editing your contacts.

OWA Offline mode limitations

  • When OWA is "Offline," and you do not have Internet connection, OWA will show you only the items that are cached. You can review the content of emails, but if you try to open a message in a new window OWA will not show you the data.

  • Offline OWA displays only last few days of messages. By design, only Inbox, Drafts and the folders you viewed recently will be cached.
  • Your calendar will have only the previous month and future year available.
  • If you are offline for a long time the calender reminders will stop working, you will need to go online for OWA to update them.
  • Contact information for people you email often or you have emailed recently is available.
  • Archived folders, Team folders, tasks and Favorites are not available.
  • You cannot search or sort items, because the filters will not work in "Offline" mode.