Outbound Bandwidth is metered on account level. Certain quota of Outbound Bandwidth is included in the basic Cloud Server package. Inbound Bandwdith is free.

  • Navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Cloud Server and click on Bandwidth tab. Here you can see how much bandwidth you used out of the total included bandwidth. Total bandwidth is the sum of all your servers bandwidth. 
  • The bandwidth is showed for the recent month by design. You can select a month by clicking on it:
  • Bandwidth usage per servers is displayed for top 5 servers by design. You can change the view mode from IP addresses to Server names and back:

  • Use Show all servers or Show all IP addresses and Show top 5 servers or Show top 5 IP addresses to hide or reveal the list of all servers.
  • The statistics per month is available under Bandwidth Usage History: