This article is an overview of archiving solutions Intermedia offers.

Email Archiving

Intermedia Email Archiving offers the preservation, protection and restoration features you need to safeguard intellectual property, assure compliance, and speed e-Discovery. It includes:

  • Complies with regulations including FRCP, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and SOC
  • 100% data capture across devices and platforms (including POP/IMAP accounts)
  • Encryption both in-transit and at-rest
  • Simple, flexible searching, filtering, tagging and recovery methods
  • Export options include PST, SF, EML, HTML, PDF and other formats
  • Unlimited storage and infinite scale
  • End-user access via My Services (accessible through the web or Outlook)

To install Email Archiving, navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Compliance > Email Archiving:

Read the Knowledge Base articles on Email Archiving for more information.

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Message Mirror®

This feature availability depends on your plan.

MessageMirror allows you to back up all messages sent and received by selected Exchange users. Users with certain access permissions can always access the archive mailbox to view or delete messages from the archive. Read the Knowledge Base article on Message Mirror in Exchange for more information.

To install MessageMirror, navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Compliance > MessageMirror.


Compliant Archiving

This feature availability depends on your plan.

Compliant Archiving allows you to archive all messages in accordance with legal documents. If you subscribe to the Compliant Archiving service, you sign an agreement with an archiving provider who will access your archive mailbox. Read the Knowledge Base article on
Compliant Archiving Overview for more information.

With third-party archiving enabled, inbound messages to POP/IMAP mailboxes are not archived. This happens because the journal rule that performs archiving is part of the Exchange environment, and inbound messages to POP/IMAP mailboxes do not pass through Exchange servers. The outbound mail sent from POP/IMAP mailboxes is archived. In Intermedia environment the mail that is sent from POP/IMAP mailboxes is first being routed through Exchange servers and only then goes outside to the recipient. For customers that are actively using POP/IMAP mailboxes and need to remain in compliance, we would recommend using our Email Archiving service. It provides 100% data capture across all devices and platforms (including POP/IMAP accounts).

Important: starting August 20, 2018, a retention policy of 30 days will be applied to all Default Compliant Archive mailboxes. This means that the data will be stored in the mailbox for 30 days only to prevent it from growing and causing performance issues. Please make sure that your third-party archiving provider is regularly pulling the data to prevent any data loss.

To enable Compliant Archiving:

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Services > Compliance > Third-Party Archiving Enablement
  2. Select the archiving provider and click Enable 3rd Party Archiving


Archiving in mail clients

Most mail clients support archiving functionality. Archived items are moved from the mailbox to a separate data file (*.pst, *.rge, etc.).


Read the following Knowledge Base articles for more information:

Outlook Backup

Outlook Backup allows you to perform various operations with PST files. Typical operations include backup and restore operations, so Outlook Backup can be used as the archiving solution. Read the Knowledge Base article on Overview Of Outlook Backup for more information.

To install Outlook Backup navigate to HostPilot > Services > Outlook Backup.