When your mailbox is full, the three solutions you can consider are: 

  • archiving messages (for more information on message archiving, read the Knowledge Base article on Overview Of Data Archiving Options)
  • deleting messages (deleting messages with large attachments via OWA or Outlook client)
  • increasing your mailbox limits

Please note that in all of these cases, it can take up to two hours before your mailbox starts working again. This is due to Active Directory propagation time, and cannot be changed. 

Increasing Mailbox Limits

To increase the size limit for a mailbox:

  1. Log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Services > Mailboxes > Disk Quota Management
  2. Click on Manage Individual Mailboxes.
  3. Change the limits for Send Limit and Send&Receive Limit or check Disable All Limits for the affected mailboxes.
  4. Click Save Changes
    Manage Limits


  • We recommend to keep the Send Limit smaller than the Send&Receive Limit. This way, when a user does exceed their first limit, they are still able to receive email, but will be notified that they are over their limit and will not be able to send. This will also help keep bounce messages from being sent to people who are sending mail to your users.