An administrator can view all user devices connected to the SecuriSync account and containing SecuriSync data.

View devices

To view user's devices, log in to HostPilot® Control Panel and navigate to Services > SecuriSync > Devices.

The page contains the following information about the user device:

  • Operating System
  • User
  • Device Model
  • Device Name
  • SecuriSync Version
  • Last Access / Sync time
  • End-user backup policy

and allows you to reapply default backup policy and perform a Remote Wipe.

View devices

Device information can also be accessed under Users > click user's Display Name > SecuriSync.

Remote Wipe

Technical administrators can perform a remote wipe. For example, if a user's laptop or mobile device is stolen, the technical administrator can wipe all SecuriSync data from this particular device.

To wipe the device:

  1. Click Wipe SecuriSync data
  2. Type the current day of the week to confirm
  3. Click Wipe SecuriSync Data.

Wipe SecuriSync data

Note: only SecuriSync data will be wiped from the device.