This article describes how the Cloud Softphone can join up to 4 calls in one conference.


  1. Start a new call.
  2. Place that call on Hold.
  3. Start a second call.
  4. If needed, you can repeat steps 1 -3 until you have 4 calls.
  5. Now, press the Join key to add all calls to the conference.

While in conference you can use the following keys:

  • Hold – Dial additional outbound calls, and press join to add them to the conference. While on hold the existing conference participants remain in conference.
  • Join – Add additional incoming or outbound calls to the conference. join will appear again when there are more calls to add to the conference.
  • End Call – End the conference, and disconnect all calls.
  • Split - Break up the conference. All calls will be placed on hold.