Cisco IP phones provide a Group Paging feature. It allows anyone using a Cisco IP phone to page all other Cisco IP phones on the LAN by dialing *96 and a target number of 800. Multicast paging is one-way. This means that the person who dials 800 can speak but others cannot reply.

Note: Up to 5 groups can be configured but the phone only takes part in the first two defined paging groups.

To modify group paging behavior:

  1. Login to the Cisco IP phone web interface. Read the Knowledge Base article on Configuring a Cisco SPA/Linksys SPA Phone for Hosted PBX for more information. Follow steps 1-4 of Configure Phone section.
  2. Enable paging. Click the Phone tab > Supplementary Services > set Paging Serv: yes
  3. Accept pages. Click the User tab > Supplementary Services > set Auto Answer Page: yes
  4. Configure page groups. Click the Phone tab > Multiple Paging Group Parameters > Group Paging Script:
    • factory default is "pggrp=;name=All;num=800;listen=yes"
    • To add 801 called Sales in a zero-touch deployment. The below script allows you to dial 800 to page all phones, 801 for Sales: <Group_Paging_Script ua="na"> pggrp=;name=All;num=800;listen=yes; pggrp=;name=Sales;num=801;listen=yes; </Group_Paging_Script>